Black Male Research BootCamp©

About the Program

Welcome to the Black Male Research BootCamp© (BMRBC)! Started in 2017, BMRBC is a unique, week-long experience designed to provide doctoral students and junior scholars with the tools, mentorship, and support necessary to create impactful research projects. This program stands out for its culturally responsive approach, acknowledging the diverse perspectives and needs of Black men doctoral students from various backgrounds.

Key Highlights

  • Culturally Responsive Approach: We understand that research is most effective when it respects and reflects diverse viewpoints. Our program is grounded in cultural responsiveness, ensuring that your research journey is inclusive and respectful of your voice.

  • Senior Scholar Mentors: Our interdisciplinary Senior Scholar Mentors are established experts in their fields, bringing a wealth of knowledge as methodologists, theorists, and content experts. They will guide you through workshops, helping you conceptualize and design key components of your research projects.

  • Comprehensive Workshops: Dive into workshops tailored to doctoral students. Develop your research questions or hypotheses, craft literature reviews that resonate, select instrumentation that aligns with your goals, design methodologies that suit your projects, and learn to complete data analysis effectively.

  • Dissertation & Publication Guidance: It's not just about completing your dissertation - our program also equips with skills to develop manuscripts for publication. Learn how to present your research to the wider academic community and contribute to impactful scholarship.

Information for the next Black Male Research BootCamp® is forthcoming.

Contact Member Services at [email protected] for more information about attending or hosting the next SOTA Black Male Research BootCamp®.