SHEWrites Virtual Co-Working Space

Welcome to SHEWrites Co-Working Space, a dynamic and empowering virtual environment tailored for Black women in academia. Sponsored by Sisters of the Academy Institute, SHEWrites is your exclusive haven for focused solo writing, collaborative brainstorming, and productive accountability sessions. Join us in creating a space where your scholarly pursuits flourish and your voice is celebrated.

About SHEWrites Co-Working Space

SHEWrites Co-Working Space is a dedicated virtual sanctuary designed to cater to the unique needs of Black women in academia. We understand the challenges you face and have crafted this space to provide you with the support, resources, and community you need to excel in your research and writing endeavors. Some of the features and benefits of SHEWrites include:

  • Quiet Solo Writing: Immerse yourself in a tranquil environment that fosters deep focus and concentration, allowing you to make significant progress on your writing projects.

  • Collaborative Brainstorming: Invite your research team members, colleagues, or accountability partners to join you for collaborative brainstorming sessions in our thoughtfully designed group workspaces.

  • Accountability Support: We recognize the importance of accountability in academic pursuits. SHEWrites offers a platform to connect with fellow scholars, fostering a sense of responsibility that propels your productivity.

  • Inclusive Community: Connect with like-minded Black women scholars in academia, forming a supportive network that celebrates your achievements and understands your journey intimately.

Why Choose SHEWrites Co-working Space?

  • Tailored for You: SHEWrites is created specifically for Black women in academia, ensuring that your experiences and needs are centered.

  • Empowering Environment: Immerse yourself in an atmosphere that recognizes and celebrates the contributions of Black women scholars.

  • Community Connection: Build relationships that extend beyond the workspace, connecting with fellow scholars who share your passion and goals.

Join SHEWrites 

Practice your craft by writing more, elevate your writing, amplify your voice, and join the community. SHEWrites is your invitation to immerse yourself in an environment that celebrates your identity, supports your goals, and empowers you to make meaningful contributions to academia. Join us to jump start your writing! SHEWrites sessions for Fall 2023 will begin on Sunday, September 12th.

Secure your spot today with your SOTA membership and become part of a co-working space that not only transforms your scholarly pursuits but also connects you with a community of Black women scholars who are dedicated to elevating their academic journeys alongside you. Your research, writing, and accomplishments matter—join us at SHEWrites and create your legacy.

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